Much has changed since 2014 when the original article was published. Solar energy and other clean energy technologies have come down in price while the proliferation of smart technologies in our phones, homes and vehicles has exploded. Concepts such as adjusting your thermostat using your phone or computer were novel in 2014 but are now commonplace.

However, the basis for this article remains the same: “Do Deep Green-Energy Efficiency Upgrades Make Economic Sense” depends on the blend or ‘package’ of energy improvements and/or clean energy systems like solar involved and the economics as determined by an energy modeling program. We truly have reached the point that with the right energy testing tools and  software operated by credentialed, trained professionals we can accurately determine the blended energy efficiency and related money savings available from a particular set of energy improvement measures or EEMs.

Plus, as people realize what a fantastic financing tool they have readily available to them known as energy mortgages that will finance their energy upgrades and solar-clean energy installations they will scoop them up. Energy mortgages have evolved to the point where the economics can be amazing when you use the newer programs such as the “HomeStyle® Energy Mortgage” program by Fannie Mae:

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