Reliable Returns on Residential Energy Upgrade Investments Using REMCheck and the REMCollect App

Is it possible to get good reliable information from residential energy upgrades on new and existing residences in today’s chaotic marketplace? The answer is ‘yes’ but only if you start at the beginning of the project information gathering process.

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Enter ‘REMCollect’, a residential field data collection app that steps residential energy auditors, home energy raters and others through a proven field data gathering format that makes it quick and easy to input the required details. When the data gathering process is completed the electronic files are uploaded into an online program management and quality assurance screening software program named ‘REMCheck’.

The uploaded field data instantly becomes a REM file that is readable by either REM/Design® or REM/Rate®, the #1 residential energy modeling software used by certified home energy raters and other energy analysis professionals in the United States. REMCollect* and REMCheck* provide a quick and easy system that saves countless hours of input and research time plus eliminates common input mistakes and math errors. In short, the combined used of app and software helps residential energy professionals be more accurate and more productive.

Many programs across the USA depend upon reliable information from residential energy efficiency and clean energy upgrades to determine the success of their investments. Government and energy utility incentive programs need trackable and repeatable results to justify their programs. Lenders and investors require that the energy efficiency improvements, deep energy retrofits and clean energy systems that they invest in to perform within expected parameters. Widely available financing products like energy mortgages can even make residences have additional market value, if the energy efficiency improvement packages can dependably produce the desired results.

Information needs to be consistently accurate for a multitude of residential energy programs and investments to be viable. It is now possible to take an average older home and perform a deep energy retrofit package on it that produces substantial energy and monetary savings. Without quality information being gathered properly in the field then the situation becomes like the old adage of; “Garbage In = Garbage Out”.

Because deep energy retrofits and clean energy systems can more than pay for themselves in energy and money savings, these investments are highly desirable to lenders and investors.

If only there was a way or an app to help ensure that the energy information taken in the field was consistently reliable…

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*REMCollect and REMCheck are the intellectual property of ShakeItUp Tech

REM/Design® and REM/Rate® are residential energy modeling software programs by NORESCO – More information available here: