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NOLAs Make-It-Right Homes Go Wrong

Problems appear to be happening with the Make-It-Right homes built in the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans, La. (See links below) As the Subject Matter Expert for Historic Green, a USGBC* recognized organization dedicated to rebuilding the Lower 9th Ward & NOLA sustainably, I could see the defects in design and construction techniques used […]

Update to Do Deep Green-Energy Efficiency Upgrades Make Economic Sense

Much has changed since 2014 when the original article was published. Solar energy and other clean energy technologies have come down in price while the proliferation of smart technologies in our phones, homes and vehicles has exploded. Concepts such as adjusting your thermostat using your phone or computer were novel in 2014 but are […]

3 LED Bulbs Wrote This Blog

The author of this blog purchased as 3-pack of LED bulbs expecting them to be the same but they are not. One bulb emits a pink spectrum of light, one shines light yellow and one has a white-green coloring to it. Most people would take them back for a refund or replacement but not […]