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Inflation Reduction Act Benefits

The Inflation Reduction Act or IRA is expected to expand many career opportunities in the fields of energy efficiency, clean energy, electric vehicles, heat pump appliances and more. Greatly increased tax incentives will be available for multifamily buildings that are qualified for ENERGY STAR certification by a certified home energy rater or HERS* rater who […]

The Heat is On

The current high temperatures across the European continent are revealing that traditionally cool climate locations are not adequately prepared for the heatwave. Even countries like Mexico, areas that are used to having hot days, are breaking all-time high temperature records. Climate models indicate that the world will continue to get hotter, making survival on this […]

Is ‘Electrification of Everything’ Achievable?

Is ‘Electrification of Everything’ Achievable?

All the world economies depend on energy provided by the fossil fuels. Power is provided by oil, natural gas, and coal, plus their derivatives of gasoline, diesel, plastics, and more. As these fuels are burned, there are pollutants being cast into the air, left to build up in the atmosphere and affect our health. One […]

Virtual Design Charrettes

Virtual Design Charrettes save travel costs, time, and scheduling headaches. Plus, there is no risk of COVID outbreaks for online meetings. Presented by Fine Homebuilding Magazine.   Here is the linkĀ for Virtual Design Charrettes Presentation:  

Spotlight on Home Energy (HERS) Raters

It is clear that President Biden is focusing on upgrading the energy efficiency of existing homes while also planning to build 1.5 million sustainable affordable homes. What remains unclear is that most people do not know the difference between a residential energy auditor and a certified home energy HERS* rater. This is very unfortunate and […]

Update to Green Remodeling Article in Mother Earth...

The original article was published in 2013 and most of the information is still very relevant today. Some things have changed, however, such as the proliferation of smart devices, the emergence of home energy control systems and the low cost of clean energy systems, especially for solar (site) electricity. Since 2003, much as been learned […]